Wednesday, January 24, 2007


We decided to have the party in the Pennsylvania house, so we drove there in the morning so that we could set up and make sure that everything was ready in time. We arrived in Easton about an hour later and it took us about another ten minutes to get to the empty house. My fiance and I just purchased it and we decided to move in after we got married. The house was in a quaint little town where every house looks the same.
Josh and I got all of the supplies out of the car and brought them inside. As I was putting some things in the fridge, Josh came up behind me and kissed me on my neck. "Can you believe it" he asked.
"Believe what?"
"This is going to be our home soon."
"I know, who would have thought-"
"And we're getting married before then. This is so exciting."
"Everything is going to be perfect."
"Yes it will", he said. Then he pulled my face towards his and kissed me. "Come on, let's keep setting up."
Josh went upstairs for a little while and I started putting up the decorations when my sister, Claire, called. She wanted me to meet her at the nearby super market to pick up some more things for the party.
When I got there, I could see Claire standing outside of the front entrance. We went inside and looked around for the party section.
"I want mom's party to be perfect. It isn't everyday that you turn 60."
"I hope she likes it, though. You know how she gets. Nag nag nag about every little detail."
"Oh come on, Annabelle. It's her birthday."
"I know that, but sometimes I wonder why I even bother with these things. She never just sits back and lets things happen. She always has to nitpick at everything, like we can never do anything right."
"Hey, I'm going to go pick up the cake, how about you stay here and look for some stuff that we might be missing."
Claire went over to the bakery section and I went to the gift card aisle considering I hadn't gotten mom a card yet. I looked through a bunch and I found a couple that I thought were nice. I couldn't decide which one I liked best, so I took both and waited for Claire to come back to get her opinion. I was about to go to the party section when I saw someone drop something. His hands were full, so I rushed over to help him. I picked up his packet of razors and put it back in his basket.
"There you go", I said as I turned back around to walk away.
"Thanks, Annabelle."
I stopped right then and turned back around.
"How did you know..." Before I could finish my question, I knew exactly how he knew my name.
There he was, standing in front of me like a king among his subjects. He looked much older than the last time I saw him, but he was just as handsome as before. Short, dark-brown hair, beautiful blue eyes and broad shoulders. The perfect description of the former love-of-my-life.
"Hi Brian", I said, staring directly into his eyes. He placed his baskets on the floor and came closer to give me a hug. His embrace brought back so many memories. A kiss, a caress, a ring, a night, our whole relationship on fast forward in my mind.
"How are you" he asked, with me still in his arms.
"I... I'm great, just great. You?" I responded trying to regain consciousness.
"Same here. Wow, it's really good seeing you. It's been so long. Tell me, what have you been doing with your life?"
He seemed sincerely interested so I tried not to leave any details out.
"Well, you know, I have that bookstore I always wanted. My fiance and I just-"
"You're engaged?"
"Yeah", showing him my left hand. "We just bought a house nearby.
"I guess we'll be seeing more of each other then. My wife and I moved here a couple of years ago after we got married. Beautiful neighborhood to raise kids in."
"You have children?"
"Not yet, but we have one on the way." Just as he said that, a woman appeared behind him and said, "Brian, do you have everything? I think we should go before the lines get too long."
Brian turned to greet his wife. She was blond, a bit shorter than I am and extremely pregnant. Her name was Kristin and she was due in a couple of weeks. Brian's attention shifted onto his wife so I thought it would be the best time for me to leave.
"I better go help my sister with the cake. It was g-"
"Cake?" Kristin interrupted.
"Yeah, it's my mom's 60th today and we're having a little get together. You're welcome to come if you'd like." I had no idea why I said that, but I couldn't take it back, so I gave them the address and went to find Claire.