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Lillian and Geoffrey - Act 2, Scenes 1 and 2

Parts of Act 1 can be found in the following links:
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Part 4

Act 2 Scene 1

One month later, Edmund and Lucas have been away and have just returned.  Emily is conflicted.  Lillian and Geoffrey have been spending a lot of time together and he has yer to reveal his secret.  There have been may failed attempts by Emily.  Cynthia is happy believing one of her daughters may be married soon.

Edmund: I'm glad to see Lilly so happy, but it pains me to know that her heart will be shattered

Lucas: Has no one been able to tell her?

Edmund:I don't believe so.

Lucas: And Mother, does she know?

Edmund: She would die a much more dramatic death than Lilly if she found out.

The boys are playing cricket and watching Lillian and Emily pick flowers in the garden.

Edmund: What do you say we have a little chat with Mr. Bishop before things get worse.

Lucas: I was thinking the exact same thing, brother. (After a moment of silence) Where do you think we can find him? We haven't been around in a while.

Edmund: Well if Lilly's affections are his goal, then he should be easy to find.  I wouldn't be surprised if he called upon her today.

Lucas: I hope you're right.  I want to get this nonsense over with. (They continue to play)

Emily: You've been spending quite a lot of time with Mr. Bishop. I'm surprised you don't find him to be a bore.  I know I would.

Lillian: He could never bore me.  I enjoy his company.  It's refreshing to talk to someone who doesn't already know everything about me.

Emily: So you enjoy revealing things about yourself?

Lillian: Yes, I do.

Emily: Does he reveal anything about himself? Likes, dislikes, past relationships perhaps?

Lillian: Of course he does.  It's called having a conversation.

Emily: Do you see yourself marrying him?

Lillian: I think I do, though I'm not certain how I would respond if he were to ask me.  I suppose this is the point.

Emily: What is?

Lillian: Well we are getting to know each other.  We clearly have feelings for each other.

Emily: Do you love him?

Lillian: I'm not sure.  It's too soon to tell.

Emily: Lilly, I know that you have a high regard for Mr. Bishop. and I know that you would rather have him tell you everything.

Lillian: What is this about?

Emily: I was hoping he would have confessed to you earlier but by the way you are carrying on, clearly he hasn't.

Lillian: Emily, please don't-

Emily: -Lillian, Mr. Bishop is married.

Lillian: What?

Emily: He has a wife.

Lillian: That's a lie.

Emily: No, it isn't Lil. You must ask him yourself.

Lillian: How long have you known?

Emily: Since he came to dine with us last month.

Lillian: Why haven't you...(seeing the look on Emily's face)...I wouldn't let you, would I?  But who told you?

Emily: Edmund and Lucas.

Lillian: They knew? Does mother?

Emily: No, I don't believe she does. (After a moment of silence) Lilly, I'm so sorry.  What are you going to do now?

Lillian: I'm going to talk to him, of course.

Act 2, Scene 2

Geoffrey and his wife Caroline are at home.  Caroline is wrapped in a blanket, sitting on a chaise and looks sickly.  Geoffrey is tending to her.

Caroline: Geoffrey, please. You are already doing too much to help me.  I'm sorry you felt the need to do this.

Geoffrey: Caroline, I'm doing what's right.  The money your father bequeathed me should have gone to you.  You have no brothers so there would be no one to look after you.

Caroline: There aren't very many men who would do such a thing.  did you know that when I was a child I thought you really were my brother.

Geoffrey: And you were like a sister to me.  I don't think any two cousins could ever be as close as we were.

Caroline: I'm osrry you have to hide this from Miss Evans, I know you care for her greatly.

Geoffrey: Yes, but I care for you more.  I am more than happy to help you considering how much you and your father helped me.

Caroline: hopefully this sickness will take me soon so you can marry your love.

Geoffrey: Don't say that, please, don't say that.

Caroline: (She begins to cry) I'm so sorry. (He embraces her)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Lillian And Geoffrey Part4

Part 1 
Part 2
Part 3

Lilly: (after clearly hearing Emily) Do you have a passion for philanthropy or is it a special case?

Geoff: i wish I could say it was a passion, but this... case, as you put it, is more than special and it was only natural for me to help.

Lillian was about to speak when Geoffrey interrupted her

Geoff: Let's not talk of this anymore. I'm sure there are much more interesting things of which to speak.

Emily: Such as?

Geoff: I'm not certain, but you are a bright young lady; I'm sure you can think of something.

Cynthia: Emily, dear, please join me.

Emily: Right away, mother (she rises to leave but catches Geoffrey smirking triumphantly)

Lilly: Please forgive my sister, she may be a little upset.  Just a moment ago, she was very excited about some news she recently learned.

Geoff: Oh? What was it regarding?

Lilly: You (embarrassed)

Geoff: What about me?

Lilly: I haven't a clue.

Geoff: Did she not tell you?

Lilly: No, I wouldn't let her.

Geoff: I see.

Lilly: I supposed that if it were as important as she insisted it was, it would be better for me to hear it from you.

(Geoffrey looks Lillian in the eyes)

Lilly: Especially if you are to be courting me. (she giggles) Should i not know everything there is to know about you?

Geoff: Of course you should, and you will. (He takes her hand and kisses it)

Geoffrey stands and walks over to Lillian's brothers

Geoff: Unfortunately, I must be on my way. (he shakes Edmund and Lucas' hands and bows to the women) Thank you very much for your kindness and for inviting me into your home.

Cynthia: It was our pleasure.  Do not hesitate to call again.  you will always be welcome. (nods to Lilly. Lilly blushes. Emily rolls her eyes)

After Geoffrey exits, Lillian rushes to the window to watch him leave.  Emily comes to Lillian's side.

Emily: did he happen to confess anything to you after I left?

Lilly: Only that he wishes to keep no secrets from me.

(Emily does not look convinced)

Lilly: I know there is something you wanted to tell me, but i would rather hear it from him.

Emily: Whatever you say. (In all seriousness) My dear sister, I hope you keep your wits about you when you are with him.

Lilly: I will.

End of Act 1

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pictures from Homecoming

All of these pictures were taken on the Drew University campus and in the Zuck Arboretum. I haven't been on that campus sin May 2006 on graduation day and I was beginning to forget how beautiful that campus was.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Part 3 of Lillian and Geoffrey

Part 1 can be found here.
Part 2 can be found here.

They walk back to the manor where the others are waiting for them.  The brothers have the shooting equipment.  Emily has an excited look on her face when she sees Lillian and Geoffrey walk in.

Lucas: What took you?
Geoffrey: We were just chatting.
Emily: Oh really?  What about?
Lillian: Nothing.
Edmond: Well then, let's get on with it.

They go out back into a field.  They set up and begin shooting with the ladies watching.

Emily: Lily, why don't you take a turn?
Lillian: No, I'd rather watch.
Emily: (to the men) My sister would like a turn.
Geoffrey: Here, take my rifle. (Lillian pushes it away) You don't like shooting?
Lillian: I don't know how.
Geoffrey: No worries, I will show you.  This is how you hold it. (He demonstrates and then he guides her)

Edmond: (to the others) What are those two up to?
Emily: He's just showing her how to shoot.
Edmond: It looks like more than that.
Lucas: Maybe on her end.

Emily: Why, what do you mean, Lucas?

Lucas: He's only just been married.
Emily: What?
Lucas: Yes, to his cousin.  That's why he's here in town.
Emily: Why isn't he on his honeymoon.  Surely he can afford one.
Lucas: I'm not certain.
Edmond: That is enough.  He doesn't want people to know, plus, it isn't any of our concern.
Emily: (to herself) I wonder why he's being so secretive.

Emily looks to her sister, sees how much she is enjoying herself and begins to feel sad for her.

Geoffrey: Miss Evans, you are doing a wonderful job.  At this rate, you could be a competitor by Christmas.
Lillian: It is all due to your great teaching.  Thank you.
Geoffrey: Anything for you. (He puts down the rifle and takes Lillian's hand) Will you grant me permission to call upon you?
Lillian: Yes, I will.  Will you be coming by often?  I know you don't live here, so -
Geoffrey: Well, business requires me to stay here indefinitely.
Lillian: I am glad to hear it.

Everyone is gathered around the table for supper.  They've already eaten and are now enjoying dessert.

Geoffrey: Supper was delicious, Mrs. Evans.
Cynthia: That is very kind of you to say.  I'll be sure to let cook know you said so.
Edmond: Why do you have to tell her?  She's just a servant.
Cynthia: My dear, you know very well that she is more that just a servant.  She's like family.  She works hard and it will do her some good to receive a compliment every once in a while.
Lucas: Any news from father?
Cynthia: Nothing yet, I'm afraid.
Geoffrey: Where exactly is Mr. Evans?
Lillian: He's gone to the West Indies.
Geoffrey: Missionary work or trade?
Lillian: Trade
Geoffrey: Of?
Edmond: Sl-
Lillian: -sugar

Geoffrey: I see (seemingly disappointed)

Cynthia: He said that he would write as soon as he arrived.

Emily: I hope that's soon; I already miss him.
Lillian: I'm sure he'll write.

Everyone is in the sitting room.  Cynthia is knitting, Edmond and Lucas are playing a card game, Geoffrey is reading, Lillian is writing in her journal and Emily is sitting with her.

Emily: Lily, I learned something this afternoon that I think you should know.

Lillian: Oh?

Emily: It's about Mr. Bishop.  Edmond says that Mr. Bishop doesn't want people to know but-

Lillian: Well if he doesn't want people to know then I think you should keep it to yourself.

Emily: But it's important.

Lillian: I'm sure it is and that is why he wants it to stay private.  I think it would be wise for you to respect his wishes.

Geoffrey walks over to the ladies.

Emily: This is something you really need to know.

Lillian: tell me later, then. When we are alone.

Emily: But-

Geoffrey: Good evening ladies. May I sit with you?

Lillian: I don't see why not.

Emily: We are having a private conversation.

Lillian: Em, don't be silly.  Please sit, Mr. Bishop.

Geoffrey: What are you writing?

Lillian: Events of the day, well, the exciting ones at least.

Emily: Please, Mr. Bishop, tell us more about the merger from earlier today.

Lillian gives Emily a look, but is intrigued to hear what he has to say.

Geoffrey: Well, my new partner was in some financial trouble and the business is on the verge of...shutting down.  I merely decided to step in and handle their debt and help  them...shut down gracefully.

Lillian: That sounds noble, but what exactly do you hope to gain from this merging?

Emily: Yes, do tell us.

Geoffrey: My partner and I have a...persona relationship.  It does me well just to know that my partner is taken care of.

Emily: (under her breath) Personal relationship, indeed.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Part 2 of Lillian and Geoffrey

Part 1 can be found here

G: Perhaps you're right
L: I know I am right.
(They smile at each other)

The day after the ball, in a cottage outside of London, Lillian and Emily are in their bedchamber discussing the goings on of the previous evening.

E: I noticed Mr. Bishop never left your side last night.
L: He was only being a gentleman.
E: I think he was being more than a gentleman. I believe his intentions were otherwise focused.
L: What exactly do you mean by that? (knowing full well)
E: (Teasingly) I think he fancies you.
L: He does not! (not believable)
E: Either way, he has grown to be very handsome.
L: I suppose.
E: You suppose? Hm, well, I suppose you haven't heard that he came into a big inheritance after his uncle passed away a few years ago.
L: Oh? (without a care)
E: Yes! (over-excitedly)
L: And?
E: Well, if you won't have him, then maybe I will.
L: Emy, that is so silly. What about Alec?
E: What about him?
L: Emy?
E: What? It isn't as if we are engaged.
L: But he loves you.
E: And what will that do for me? Of course love is amazing and wonderful, but one cannot live on love alone. A woman needs stability.
L: I cannot believe what I'm hearing.
E: What?
L: Are you telling me that you are willing to flirt with a perfectly worthy gentleman only to squash his raised hopes? You couldn't possible believe that money can bring you happiness.
E: No, money can't bring me happiness, but love can't bring me wealth. Lily, we are women. Do you know what that means? If we don't have rich prospects, we have nothing.
L: (upon exiting the room) I believe there is more to it than that.

It is noon and the young ladies are in the sun room having tea with their mother, Cynthia. Lillian is silent and Emily continues to give her interesting looks.

C: Lillian my dear, what has you so vexed?
L: It is mothing, mother.
E: It certainly isn't nothing.
L: Emily!?
C: What is it?
E: My dear sister refuses to admit to herself that she has feelings for a certain gentleman.
L: She doesn't know what she is saying.
C: Is this the young man with whom I saw you dancing?
E: Yes!
L: No, please. It is no one.
C: Well why not? He seems to be amiable. He is a handsome young man and I understand that his pockets are nowhere near empty.
L: Mother? Is that really all you think about? Must it really be based on how much money a man has?
C: S you admit that you have feelings for him?
L: (stands) I'm going for a walk.
E: I'll come with you.
L: I'd rather go alone.
C: Take your sister with you. It's such a lovely day and neither of you have been out yet.

The two young ladies are walking outside. Lillian is ahead of Emily.

E: (trying to catch up) What is the matter?
L: I don't want to talk to you.
E: Why not?
L: (after a moment) You think you know everything. I am not certain of my feelings for Mr. Bishop and yet you feel the need to tell everyone that I am in love.
E: I didn't tell everyone. I only told mother.
L: Exactly! If mother knows, then everyone knows.
E: You're right. Please forgive me.
L: Do you really believe that marrying a man for his money is right?
E: I never said it was right. That is just how it is. Everything that our father owns will go to our brothers.
L: may they have pity on us when that comes to pass.
E: Pity won't be necessary after you marry Mr. Bishop. (teasingly)
L: Enily!?

They continue walking for a while when they see three men walking towards them. Recognizing two of them as Edmond and Lucas, they continue to walk in their direction.

Edmond: Lillian, Emily, what has you out today?
Lillian: We are out for a stroll. Would you like to jo- (noticing Mr. Bishop among her brothers) Mr. Bishop? What brings you here?
Geoffrey: I had some business to conduct in town when I stumbled upon your brothers. They were gracious enough to invite me over for a bit of sport and supper afterward. I hope that's alright.
Emily: That is perfectly fine. I know my sister has no objections.
(Lillian blushes and Geoffrey smiles)

Lucas: We can't join you ladies, I'm afraid, we were on our way to the cottage to fetch the shooting equipment.
Lillian: That's alright, We will see you this evening for supper.
Emily: Actually, no, let us come along with you. I would love to learn how to shoot.
Lillian: We don't want to be in your way.
Geoffrey: I think it's a novel idea.

The brothers look at each other, obviously not liking the idea and they walk toward the house. Emily follows them while purposefully leaving Lillian and Geoffrey alone.

L: Exactly what sort of business were you handling or am I too bold to ask?
G: I was organizing a...merging of businesses. I was acquiring a business partner. Nothing all too interesting for a woman such as yourself.
L: What do you mean, a woman such as myself?
G: Please forgive me. I did not mean to offend you. I only meant that I did not think you would be interested in business maters.
L: I what sort of thing would you think I'd be interested?
G: I don't know, but I would like to.

To be continued.

Friday, April 02, 2010

Love Triangle

Something I did a couple of years ago. 2 closeups and the final product. I can't draw hands very well, so I had to hide them. The legs are pretty iffy too, but not bad for my first try.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Phone Call

Every night, before she fell asleep, _ would imagine herself lying in bed hoping for her cell phone to ring. Not only did she hope for her cell phone to ring, but she also hoped that it would be a certain _ on the other end. The phone would ring and she would answer with a nonchalant "hello". The male voice on the other end would ask, "Is this _?" "Yes", she would answer and knowing damn well who it was would ask, "Who's speaking?"

"It's _", he would answer, wondering if she had truly forgotten his voice. "How are you doing? It's been a long time, hasn't it?" he asked hoping he didn't sound like the heart-breaker he knew he was. "Yeah, it sure has been. I'm doing well, very well", she would brag, "and you?"

"I'm miserable."
"I miss you terribly."
"I don't know what to say."
"Tell me you miss me too."
"I'm sorry, I don't."
"I know you do. You're the woman that I love."
"I'm sorry, I'm not the woman for you."
"Yes, you are!"
"I have to go."
Then she would hang up, roll over and kiss her sleeping husband and fall asleep.

Whenever her fantasies ended, _ would close her eyes and hope that it would come true. Too bad it never did, until tonight. The phone rang and she answered with a nonchalant "hello". The male voice on the other end asked, "Is this _?" "Yes", she answered and knowing damn well who it was asked, "Who's speaking?"

"It's _", he answered, wondering if she had truly forgotten his voice. "How are you doing? It's been a long time, hasn't it?" he asked hoping he didn't sound like the heart-breaker he knew he was. "Yeah, it sure has been. I'm doing well, very well", she lied, "and you?"

"I'm ecstatic!"
"I'm getting married."
"I don't know what to say."
"Tell me you're happy for me."
"I'm so happy for you."
"I knew you would be. She's the woman that I love."
"She must really be the woman for you."
"Yes. She is."
"I have to go."
Then she hung up, rolled over, hugged her pillow and cried herself to sleep.