Monday, November 15, 2010

Lillian And Geoffrey Part4

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Lilly: (after clearly hearing Emily) Do you have a passion for philanthropy or is it a special case?

Geoff: i wish I could say it was a passion, but this... case, as you put it, is more than special and it was only natural for me to help.

Lillian was about to speak when Geoffrey interrupted her

Geoff: Let's not talk of this anymore. I'm sure there are much more interesting things of which to speak.

Emily: Such as?

Geoff: I'm not certain, but you are a bright young lady; I'm sure you can think of something.

Cynthia: Emily, dear, please join me.

Emily: Right away, mother (she rises to leave but catches Geoffrey smirking triumphantly)

Lilly: Please forgive my sister, she may be a little upset.  Just a moment ago, she was very excited about some news she recently learned.

Geoff: Oh? What was it regarding?

Lilly: You (embarrassed)

Geoff: What about me?

Lilly: I haven't a clue.

Geoff: Did she not tell you?

Lilly: No, I wouldn't let her.

Geoff: I see.

Lilly: I supposed that if it were as important as she insisted it was, it would be better for me to hear it from you.

(Geoffrey looks Lillian in the eyes)

Lilly: Especially if you are to be courting me. (she giggles) Should i not know everything there is to know about you?

Geoff: Of course you should, and you will. (He takes her hand and kisses it)

Geoffrey stands and walks over to Lillian's brothers

Geoff: Unfortunately, I must be on my way. (he shakes Edmund and Lucas' hands and bows to the women) Thank you very much for your kindness and for inviting me into your home.

Cynthia: It was our pleasure.  Do not hesitate to call again.  you will always be welcome. (nods to Lilly. Lilly blushes. Emily rolls her eyes)

After Geoffrey exits, Lillian rushes to the window to watch him leave.  Emily comes to Lillian's side.

Emily: did he happen to confess anything to you after I left?

Lilly: Only that he wishes to keep no secrets from me.

(Emily does not look convinced)

Lilly: I know there is something you wanted to tell me, but i would rather hear it from him.

Emily: Whatever you say. (In all seriousness) My dear sister, I hope you keep your wits about you when you are with him.

Lilly: I will.

End of Act 1