Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lillian and Geoffrey - Act 2, Scenes 1 and 2

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Act 2 Scene 1

One month later, Edmund and Lucas have been away and have just returned.  Emily is conflicted.  Lillian and Geoffrey have been spending a lot of time together and he has yer to reveal his secret.  There have been may failed attempts by Emily.  Cynthia is happy believing one of her daughters may be married soon.

Edmund: I'm glad to see Lilly so happy, but it pains me to know that her heart will be shattered

Lucas: Has no one been able to tell her?

Edmund:I don't believe so.

Lucas: And Mother, does she know?

Edmund: She would die a much more dramatic death than Lilly if she found out.

The boys are playing cricket and watching Lillian and Emily pick flowers in the garden.

Edmund: What do you say we have a little chat with Mr. Bishop before things get worse.

Lucas: I was thinking the exact same thing, brother. (After a moment of silence) Where do you think we can find him? We haven't been around in a while.

Edmund: Well if Lilly's affections are his goal, then he should be easy to find.  I wouldn't be surprised if he called upon her today.

Lucas: I hope you're right.  I want to get this nonsense over with. (They continue to play)

Emily: You've been spending quite a lot of time with Mr. Bishop. I'm surprised you don't find him to be a bore.  I know I would.

Lillian: He could never bore me.  I enjoy his company.  It's refreshing to talk to someone who doesn't already know everything about me.

Emily: So you enjoy revealing things about yourself?

Lillian: Yes, I do.

Emily: Does he reveal anything about himself? Likes, dislikes, past relationships perhaps?

Lillian: Of course he does.  It's called having a conversation.

Emily: Do you see yourself marrying him?

Lillian: I think I do, though I'm not certain how I would respond if he were to ask me.  I suppose this is the point.

Emily: What is?

Lillian: Well we are getting to know each other.  We clearly have feelings for each other.

Emily: Do you love him?

Lillian: I'm not sure.  It's too soon to tell.

Emily: Lilly, I know that you have a high regard for Mr. Bishop. and I know that you would rather have him tell you everything.

Lillian: What is this about?

Emily: I was hoping he would have confessed to you earlier but by the way you are carrying on, clearly he hasn't.

Lillian: Emily, please don't-

Emily: -Lillian, Mr. Bishop is married.

Lillian: What?

Emily: He has a wife.

Lillian: That's a lie.

Emily: No, it isn't Lil. You must ask him yourself.

Lillian: How long have you known?

Emily: Since he came to dine with us last month.

Lillian: Why haven't you...(seeing the look on Emily's face)...I wouldn't let you, would I?  But who told you?

Emily: Edmund and Lucas.

Lillian: They knew? Does mother?

Emily: No, I don't believe she does. (After a moment of silence) Lilly, I'm so sorry.  What are you going to do now?

Lillian: I'm going to talk to him, of course.

Act 2, Scene 2

Geoffrey and his wife Caroline are at home.  Caroline is wrapped in a blanket, sitting on a chaise and looks sickly.  Geoffrey is tending to her.

Caroline: Geoffrey, please. You are already doing too much to help me.  I'm sorry you felt the need to do this.

Geoffrey: Caroline, I'm doing what's right.  The money your father bequeathed me should have gone to you.  You have no brothers so there would be no one to look after you.

Caroline: There aren't very many men who would do such a thing.  did you know that when I was a child I thought you really were my brother.

Geoffrey: And you were like a sister to me.  I don't think any two cousins could ever be as close as we were.

Caroline: I'm osrry you have to hide this from Miss Evans, I know you care for her greatly.

Geoffrey: Yes, but I care for you more.  I am more than happy to help you considering how much you and your father helped me.

Caroline: hopefully this sickness will take me soon so you can marry your love.

Geoffrey: Don't say that, please, don't say that.

Caroline: (She begins to cry) I'm so sorry. (He embraces her)