Monday, February 28, 2011

Creations 12-15


Failure is not the end but the beginning
It isn't a loss, but a form of winning.
Failure is not a lack of success
Failure is just a gateway to progress.
Learn of the things that caused you to fail
And sooner or later you'll definitely prevail.


The feeling you have for your father and mother
The feeling you get when you're hugged by your brother
The sense in your heart when you've just found your lover.
It's perfection when you know there won't be another.

The One

standing outside waiting for the one
wondering if it will ever come
letting all the others pass me by
i know that none of then will be right.
i know that i will never be alone
because the one has finally come to take me home.


The first man I'll ever love and not the last.
He helped me have a future and formed my past.
He showed me how to tie my shoes,
and now for whom I sing the blues
Oh father dear, your love, I could not grasp.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Creation 11 - Grave

A Haiku

Money means nothing.
All I can take to my grave
Is my happiness.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Creation 10 - Home

A Haiku

My Heart is not here.
My Heart, she lives within me.
I am my own home.

Deep, right? I know. I've been thinking about that one for a while. They say that home is where the heart is, but I feel like right now, home is wherever I am.

Creation 9 - Present

A Haiku

Thinking of an ex
is thinking about the past.
Think of the present.

I never knew how fun it was to write a haiku.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Savin' Haiti- Creation 8

I put this video/ slide show together showing the things that my family sent to Haiti and the people receiving them.

Creation 7 - It ain't that serious

This came to me after hearing about Kim Kardashian getting kicked off the stage at a Prince Concert. Apparently, he invited her on the stage; she didn't want to dance with him so he kicked her off.

It ain't that serious.
It ain't that serious.
It ain't that serious.
So stop talkin' 'bout it.
Who cares if she got kicked off the stage.
She didn't want to dance with him anyway.
It ain't that serious.
It ain't that serious.
It ain't that serious.
So stop talkin' 'bout it.
Now Extra, Access Hollywood and Yahoo
Are spreading this like it's breakin' news.
It ain't that serious.
It ain't that serious.
It ain't that serious.
So stop talkin' 'bout it.

Now I realize that I am talking about it too, but at least I'm funny.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Creation 6: Mother and Child

I really wish I had a mouse to do this kind of work and even then I would have to draw with my right hand when I'm a lefty.

Creations 4 and 5

They aren't my creations; they are my brothers from a few years ago, but I thought they were so great, I needed to share them. They are of his two favorite animated Princesses. He may have Down Syndrome, but his attention to detail is awesome.

Creation 4: Princess Ariel

Creation 5: Princess Fiona

Love you little Bro!!!

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Creation 3 - Orbits

I love messing with shapes and colors and seeing how they fit together.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Creation 2

"Mama Says" - Regine Riviere

Mama says, can't find love if you're dark
If you're a plus sized woman and
Your skin is covered with marks.
You really think he'll love your almond eyes and and your thick lips?
Not when there's extra on your belly and even more on your hips.
A man wants a woman to be a prize at his arm,
Not a dirty, snorting animal you find on a farm.
Clean your self all you want, you will never be brighter,
He may look once or twice, but he won't be a biter.
Starve yourself all you want, you will never be lighter.
Clothes may fit now, but they'll only get tighter.
Got you in his bed with all his talk and all his charm
Gave yourself to him thinking it would do no harm
He may trace your figure, with the raises and the dips
But forget about his love, all you'll get is a tip
Declare your love for him and all you hear are mean remarks
Should have listened when Mama said, can't find love if you're dark.

Finding the love of your life is like looking for your glasses. You look and you look and you look until you stop, look in the mirror and see them staring at you.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011


I've decided to create something totally new and original everyday this month. A new Challenge; I'm excited!!

I've done BEDA (Blog Everyday in April) and BEDS (Blog everyday in September). Now I'm doing BEDFEB. I'll be blogging in my regular blog at and I'll be adding a new creation to this blog.

Creation 1: A Haiku

My name is Regine
I haven't a middle name
Last name is Riviere

Thanks for reading!!!