Sunday, January 20, 2008

Lillian and Geoffrey (incomplete)

Geoffrey Bishop- Mid-late 20's, single
Lillian Evans- Early 20's, single

At a social gathering in London (1800's). Lillian is standing against a wall observing the other guests dancing, conversing, etc. She notices Geoffrey on the other side of the room and catches his gaze. He smiles and nods as if to suggest a bow. She returns the smile and nod as if to suggest a curtsy. Geoffrey cuts through the crowd in Lillian's direction.

G: Good evening, Miss Evans (He bows)
L: Good evening, Mr. Bishop ( she curtsy's)
G:You look well.
L: I am, as do you.
G: Thank you; I trust your family is well.
L: Yes, they are, thank you, and yours?
G: Very well, indeed. Have you had the pleasure of dancing with any of these fine gentlemen this evening?
L: I'm afraid I'm not one for dancing. Besides, it seems my sister is the Belle of the Ball. She hasn't left the dance floor yet and I believe she is engaged in at least three more dances.
G: Is that so? Well I can't imagine why you wouldn't want to dance, every musical selection so far has been agreeable.
L: I'm sure they have.
G: Mm (nods)
L: Does that mean you've had the opportunity with one of these ladies?
G: As a matter of fact, I have, with a few, actually. Now, what exactly is keeping you from dancing?
L: (Chuckles to herself) Earlier today, my brothers and I engaged ourselves in a little sport.
G: I'm intrigued. Pray, tell me more.
L: My brothers, Edmond and Lucas, have decided to teach me everything they know about cricket. My sister, Emily will have nothing to do with it, so I'm afraid my brothers have intensified their teachings.
G: You must be quite exhausted, then.
L: I am a little, (she hold up her left hand and moves her hand about as if to stretch her wrist) though I'm afraid my wrist is in need of mending.
G: (Takes her hand and begins to massage her wrist) How is that? Does that feel better?
L: (Stunned) That feels just fine, thank you. (She begins to pull her arm away but succumbs to the touch of his hands on her wrist)
G: Good. (He kisses her wrist and returns her hand)
L: Thank you. (taking her hand back and rubbing her wrist) You are too bold Mr. Bishop.
G: I believe your beauty has inspired such boldness in me.
L: (blushing and hardly able to speak) You are kind as well as bold. I do not deserve such a compliment.
G: I believe you do.

(They smile at each other)
Emily appears with her dance partner, Alec

E: Mr. Bishop (excitedly) how long has it been since you had the pleasure of being in my company?
G: Too long, my dear Miss Evans (kisses her hand) Have you been enjoying yourself this evening?
E: Yes, I have, very much. And yourself?
G: I find the festivities very enjoyable, but there is only one problem. I can't seem to get your sister to dance with me.

(Everyone looks at Lillian)
L: (begins to speak but is interrupted)
E: Oh please, dear sister. Do come and dance. I shall pester you all evening if you do not.
L: Alright then.
G: Lovely, shall we? (holds out his arm for Lillian to grasp)
They walk further into the dance hall filled with other couples and spectators. They join the line and dance.
(while dancing)
E: My sister seems to be enjoying herself. Don't you think so?
A: Yes, she seems to be having a lovely time.
E: I'm glad.
(while dancing)
G: I suppose your brothers haven't worked you too hard, then.
L: Why do you say that?
G: Your dancing-
L:What about it?
G:It's absolutely perfect. You dance beautifully.
L: Why thank you. (blushing) I must say, you dance quite nicely yourself.
G: (smiles) A compliment. I believe that is the first one in the many years we've known each other.
L: Perhaps you should do more things worth complimenting.

To Be Continued