Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Part 2 of Lillian and Geoffrey

Part 1 can be found here

G: Perhaps you're right
L: I know I am right.
(They smile at each other)

The day after the ball, in a cottage outside of London, Lillian and Emily are in their bedchamber discussing the goings on of the previous evening.

E: I noticed Mr. Bishop never left your side last night.
L: He was only being a gentleman.
E: I think he was being more than a gentleman. I believe his intentions were otherwise focused.
L: What exactly do you mean by that? (knowing full well)
E: (Teasingly) I think he fancies you.
L: He does not! (not believable)
E: Either way, he has grown to be very handsome.
L: I suppose.
E: You suppose? Hm, well, I suppose you haven't heard that he came into a big inheritance after his uncle passed away a few years ago.
L: Oh? (without a care)
E: Yes! (over-excitedly)
L: And?
E: Well, if you won't have him, then maybe I will.
L: Emy, that is so silly. What about Alec?
E: What about him?
L: Emy?
E: What? It isn't as if we are engaged.
L: But he loves you.
E: And what will that do for me? Of course love is amazing and wonderful, but one cannot live on love alone. A woman needs stability.
L: I cannot believe what I'm hearing.
E: What?
L: Are you telling me that you are willing to flirt with a perfectly worthy gentleman only to squash his raised hopes? You couldn't possible believe that money can bring you happiness.
E: No, money can't bring me happiness, but love can't bring me wealth. Lily, we are women. Do you know what that means? If we don't have rich prospects, we have nothing.
L: (upon exiting the room) I believe there is more to it than that.

It is noon and the young ladies are in the sun room having tea with their mother, Cynthia. Lillian is silent and Emily continues to give her interesting looks.

C: Lillian my dear, what has you so vexed?
L: It is mothing, mother.
E: It certainly isn't nothing.
L: Emily!?
C: What is it?
E: My dear sister refuses to admit to herself that she has feelings for a certain gentleman.
L: She doesn't know what she is saying.
C: Is this the young man with whom I saw you dancing?
E: Yes!
L: No, please. It is no one.
C: Well why not? He seems to be amiable. He is a handsome young man and I understand that his pockets are nowhere near empty.
L: Mother? Is that really all you think about? Must it really be based on how much money a man has?
C: S you admit that you have feelings for him?
L: (stands) I'm going for a walk.
E: I'll come with you.
L: I'd rather go alone.
C: Take your sister with you. It's such a lovely day and neither of you have been out yet.

The two young ladies are walking outside. Lillian is ahead of Emily.

E: (trying to catch up) What is the matter?
L: I don't want to talk to you.
E: Why not?
L: (after a moment) You think you know everything. I am not certain of my feelings for Mr. Bishop and yet you feel the need to tell everyone that I am in love.
E: I didn't tell everyone. I only told mother.
L: Exactly! If mother knows, then everyone knows.
E: You're right. Please forgive me.
L: Do you really believe that marrying a man for his money is right?
E: I never said it was right. That is just how it is. Everything that our father owns will go to our brothers.
L: may they have pity on us when that comes to pass.
E: Pity won't be necessary after you marry Mr. Bishop. (teasingly)
L: Enily!?

They continue walking for a while when they see three men walking towards them. Recognizing two of them as Edmond and Lucas, they continue to walk in their direction.

Edmond: Lillian, Emily, what has you out today?
Lillian: We are out for a stroll. Would you like to jo- (noticing Mr. Bishop among her brothers) Mr. Bishop? What brings you here?
Geoffrey: I had some business to conduct in town when I stumbled upon your brothers. They were gracious enough to invite me over for a bit of sport and supper afterward. I hope that's alright.
Emily: That is perfectly fine. I know my sister has no objections.
(Lillian blushes and Geoffrey smiles)

Lucas: We can't join you ladies, I'm afraid, we were on our way to the cottage to fetch the shooting equipment.
Lillian: That's alright, We will see you this evening for supper.
Emily: Actually, no, let us come along with you. I would love to learn how to shoot.
Lillian: We don't want to be in your way.
Geoffrey: I think it's a novel idea.

The brothers look at each other, obviously not liking the idea and they walk toward the house. Emily follows them while purposefully leaving Lillian and Geoffrey alone.

L: Exactly what sort of business were you handling or am I too bold to ask?
G: I was organizing a...merging of businesses. I was acquiring a business partner. Nothing all too interesting for a woman such as yourself.
L: What do you mean, a woman such as myself?
G: Please forgive me. I did not mean to offend you. I only meant that I did not think you would be interested in business maters.
L: I what sort of thing would you think I'd be interested?
G: I don't know, but I would like to.

To be continued.