Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pictures from Homecoming

All of these pictures were taken on the Drew University campus and in the Zuck Arboretum. I haven't been on that campus sin May 2006 on graduation day and I was beginning to forget how beautiful that campus was.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Part 3 of Lillian and Geoffrey

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They walk back to the manor where the others are waiting for them.  The brothers have the shooting equipment.  Emily has an excited look on her face when she sees Lillian and Geoffrey walk in.

Lucas: What took you?
Geoffrey: We were just chatting.
Emily: Oh really?  What about?
Lillian: Nothing.
Edmond: Well then, let's get on with it.

They go out back into a field.  They set up and begin shooting with the ladies watching.

Emily: Lily, why don't you take a turn?
Lillian: No, I'd rather watch.
Emily: (to the men) My sister would like a turn.
Geoffrey: Here, take my rifle. (Lillian pushes it away) You don't like shooting?
Lillian: I don't know how.
Geoffrey: No worries, I will show you.  This is how you hold it. (He demonstrates and then he guides her)

Edmond: (to the others) What are those two up to?
Emily: He's just showing her how to shoot.
Edmond: It looks like more than that.
Lucas: Maybe on her end.

Emily: Why, what do you mean, Lucas?

Lucas: He's only just been married.
Emily: What?
Lucas: Yes, to his cousin.  That's why he's here in town.
Emily: Why isn't he on his honeymoon.  Surely he can afford one.
Lucas: I'm not certain.
Edmond: That is enough.  He doesn't want people to know, plus, it isn't any of our concern.
Emily: (to herself) I wonder why he's being so secretive.

Emily looks to her sister, sees how much she is enjoying herself and begins to feel sad for her.

Geoffrey: Miss Evans, you are doing a wonderful job.  At this rate, you could be a competitor by Christmas.
Lillian: It is all due to your great teaching.  Thank you.
Geoffrey: Anything for you. (He puts down the rifle and takes Lillian's hand) Will you grant me permission to call upon you?
Lillian: Yes, I will.  Will you be coming by often?  I know you don't live here, so -
Geoffrey: Well, business requires me to stay here indefinitely.
Lillian: I am glad to hear it.

Everyone is gathered around the table for supper.  They've already eaten and are now enjoying dessert.

Geoffrey: Supper was delicious, Mrs. Evans.
Cynthia: That is very kind of you to say.  I'll be sure to let cook know you said so.
Edmond: Why do you have to tell her?  She's just a servant.
Cynthia: My dear, you know very well that she is more that just a servant.  She's like family.  She works hard and it will do her some good to receive a compliment every once in a while.
Lucas: Any news from father?
Cynthia: Nothing yet, I'm afraid.
Geoffrey: Where exactly is Mr. Evans?
Lillian: He's gone to the West Indies.
Geoffrey: Missionary work or trade?
Lillian: Trade
Geoffrey: Of?
Edmond: Sl-
Lillian: -sugar

Geoffrey: I see (seemingly disappointed)

Cynthia: He said that he would write as soon as he arrived.

Emily: I hope that's soon; I already miss him.
Lillian: I'm sure he'll write.

Everyone is in the sitting room.  Cynthia is knitting, Edmond and Lucas are playing a card game, Geoffrey is reading, Lillian is writing in her journal and Emily is sitting with her.

Emily: Lily, I learned something this afternoon that I think you should know.

Lillian: Oh?

Emily: It's about Mr. Bishop.  Edmond says that Mr. Bishop doesn't want people to know but-

Lillian: Well if he doesn't want people to know then I think you should keep it to yourself.

Emily: But it's important.

Lillian: I'm sure it is and that is why he wants it to stay private.  I think it would be wise for you to respect his wishes.

Geoffrey walks over to the ladies.

Emily: This is something you really need to know.

Lillian: tell me later, then. When we are alone.

Emily: But-

Geoffrey: Good evening ladies. May I sit with you?

Lillian: I don't see why not.

Emily: We are having a private conversation.

Lillian: Em, don't be silly.  Please sit, Mr. Bishop.

Geoffrey: What are you writing?

Lillian: Events of the day, well, the exciting ones at least.

Emily: Please, Mr. Bishop, tell us more about the merger from earlier today.

Lillian gives Emily a look, but is intrigued to hear what he has to say.

Geoffrey: Well, my new partner was in some financial trouble and the business is on the verge of...shutting down.  I merely decided to step in and handle their debt and help  them...shut down gracefully.

Lillian: That sounds noble, but what exactly do you hope to gain from this merging?

Emily: Yes, do tell us.

Geoffrey: My partner and I have a...persona relationship.  It does me well just to know that my partner is taken care of.

Emily: (under her breath) Personal relationship, indeed.