Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Creation 2

"Mama Says" - Regine Riviere

Mama says, can't find love if you're dark
If you're a plus sized woman and
Your skin is covered with marks.
You really think he'll love your almond eyes and and your thick lips?
Not when there's extra on your belly and even more on your hips.
A man wants a woman to be a prize at his arm,
Not a dirty, snorting animal you find on a farm.
Clean your self all you want, you will never be brighter,
He may look once or twice, but he won't be a biter.
Starve yourself all you want, you will never be lighter.
Clothes may fit now, but they'll only get tighter.
Got you in his bed with all his talk and all his charm
Gave yourself to him thinking it would do no harm
He may trace your figure, with the raises and the dips
But forget about his love, all you'll get is a tip
Declare your love for him and all you hear are mean remarks
Should have listened when Mama said, can't find love if you're dark.

Finding the love of your life is like looking for your glasses. You look and you look and you look until you stop, look in the mirror and see them staring at you.

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