Monday, February 28, 2011

Creations 12-15


Failure is not the end but the beginning
It isn't a loss, but a form of winning.
Failure is not a lack of success
Failure is just a gateway to progress.
Learn of the things that caused you to fail
And sooner or later you'll definitely prevail.


The feeling you have for your father and mother
The feeling you get when you're hugged by your brother
The sense in your heart when you've just found your lover.
It's perfection when you know there won't be another.

The One

standing outside waiting for the one
wondering if it will ever come
letting all the others pass me by
i know that none of then will be right.
i know that i will never be alone
because the one has finally come to take me home.


The first man I'll ever love and not the last.
He helped me have a future and formed my past.
He showed me how to tie my shoes,
and now for whom I sing the blues
Oh father dear, your love, I could not grasp.

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