Saturday, October 28, 2006

A one act play that I wrote a couple of years ago.

Act 1 Scene 1
Open- A bedroom, one person in the bed another person in the bathroom in the next toom. The husband wakes up to the sound of the water turning on.

Husband- Honey, come back to bed.
Wife- What? (unable to hear through the running water)
Husband- It is way yoo early. Come back to bed.
Wife- I have things to do.
Husband- No, you don't.
Wife- Yes, I do.

She walks out of the bathroom and into the bedroom. She sits on the edge of the bed and begins to put on her shoes.

Husband- Why are you dressed?
Wife- I have to go to work.
Husband- Work?
Wife- Yes, work! I have a job to do, bills to pay, kids to feed! You know, if you had a job, you would do the same thing.
Husband- What are you talking about; I have a job.
Wife- Yeah, sure. "Would you like fries with that?"
Husband- Hey, I'm the manager of that place. Don't even try to make me feel bad about it.
Wife- I'm just trying to say that if you tried harder-
Husband- (interrupting) Tried harder? What the hell is wrong with you? I work just as hard as you do.
Wife- Oh please!
Husband- (mockingly)"Welcome to MCI"
Wife- Fine! Fine!
Husband- (calmly)Why are we fighting about this?
Wife- I have no clue.
Husband-Honey, just come back to bed.
Wife- I can't, I have to work.
Husband- Fine, go.

She goes downstairs and is about to open the front door. A little boy comes down the stairs. He is wearing his pajamas and rubbing his eyes.

Boy- Mommy?
Wife- Honey, shouldn't you be getting ready for school?
Boy- School? Mommy, where are you going?
Wife- Honey, I'm going to work.
Boy- But Mommy, it's Saturday.
Wife- What?
Boy- It's Saturday.

The wife walks to the kitchen to look at the calendar. She sees that it actually is Saturday. She goes back to her room to find her husband sound asleep. She undresses and lies down next to him and whispers in his ear.

Wife- Honey, I want a divorce.

She sleeps.

The End!!!!!

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